Selling Tips!!


Avon products: Use them,

Love them, Share them

Allow prospects to experience Avon products, when appropriate.

Use products yourself to activate more interest in Avon.

Show new products everytime you meet your Representatives and customers

Share your product experience with your team.

Meet new Customers

anytime, anywhere

Standing in line is an opportunity

You’ll be amazed at the result of giving the person next to you

a friendly smile and compliment, then bridging the conversation

to Avon.

Anytime, anywhere, always ask

It’s always the perfect time to ask: “When did you last see an Avon

brochure?” “What Avon products have you tried?”

Make your daily routine work for you

Identify places you go to and the people you meet.

The Power of 3 can

dramatically increase your sales

The Power of 3 is simple and effective: Talk about Avon everyday with 3 new people, and ask them for 3 more names of people interested in Avon.

Invest in more brochures.

You need them for selling to existing Customers and prospecting for new ones.

You have the amazing opportunity to increase your sales when you can put the latest Avon brochure directly into the hands of your Customer.

Be familiar with each brochure. Take full advantage of the brochure’s easy-to-follow, exciting layout and scented pages, with hundreds of items in each issue, there are Avon products for every Customer on your list.

Customers are usually responsible for payment upon delivery.

Remit your payment to Avon on or before the due date.

Invest some of your earnings in brochures, samples, demo products.

Keep your Avon money separate from your personal money.





5 Responses to “Selling Tips!!”

  1. Prashant Rajaram Waghmare Says:

    mam,I want to join as a sell’s leader,in AVON,can I?
    please guide me.
    Prashant Waghmare

  2. Prashant Rajaram Waghmare Says:

    Hi Mam,
    I am searching and studying about AVON on web.So I want to join as sell leader can you guide me please?
    I am waiting for reply.
    Thanking You
    Prashant Waghmare

  3. priyanka chavan Says:

    Hello Mam,
    This is priyanka from pune..I am studying in college and even want to do something extra activities..I went through the info n hence I want to become a member of avon will you please guide me what all to do..
    Thanking you,
    priyanka chavan.

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