How to place orders in Avon

Avon offers a new brochure every 28 days. You get 13 brochures / campaigns in a year. Every brochure there are new products and special offers.

You can place 4 orders per brochure. There is a specific day of the week for each area/city, when you can place your order.

Will let you know your ‘order day’ when I or a leader from my team meets you or when I send you the joining kit.

Order to be placed at your local center [again we will give you the address]

The order has to be filled in a ‘order form’. Drop the form along with your registration form and documents in the ‘drop box’ at the center. Once your order is placed you will receive it in 7 days.

When you collect your orders, make the payment and ask for the receipt form your center in charge. You will get a pink and a white receipt.

Attached the Pink receipt to your next order form or drop it in the order box so that your payment status is updated. If this is not done, next order is not processed and late payment fees is charged. White receipt is for your record.

Home delivery facility is FREE on orders above 1500.

Subsequent orders can be placed on phone as well as by email. Details are mentioned on the Purchase Order form.


Every week when you show the brochure to 20 people [ 3 people in a day ] you will get an average order of Rs 300 form 10 people = 10 x 300 = 3000

If you place 4 such orders per brochure = 3000 X 4, your total sales will be Rs 12,000 and you will get 30% on your orders = approx. Rs 4,000 in cash earnings!!!

For more earnings you need to upgrade as a Leader.

To upgrade as Leader, or if you have any questions just email me

2 Responses to “How to place orders in Avon”

  1. sarika tayal Says:

    hi anjani myself sarikazmkindly send all details to become a leader.thankyou

  2. padmini Says:

    can u please mail me the latest 2012 avon brochure

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