How to earn more in Avon

First of all its important for you to know your Representative earnings slabs. This will be explained to you in our first meeting. You can also refer it from your guide and your order form.

You know that you can place 4 orders every campaign. All 4 Orders of the campaign are added to calculate your total earning. Your earning can be 3,000 to 10,000 or more.

Step 1 : At the beginning of each month just determine or write down how much you want to earn from your Avon activity.

Step 2: develop your list of customers from your circle of friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, etc. Show the latest brochure to a few new customers every campaign. Also show it to old customers.

Step 3: When you show brochure to customers, mention MRP and then Offer Price + Special offer if any. Explainproduct feature, usage and benefits as mentioned in the brochure.

TIP 1 : Maintain a separate note book to record your Avon transactions. Write down the customers order in your note book by page no, product no, quantity and price along with the customers total payable amount.

Every week just show the brochure to 20 people [ 3 people in a day ] When you do that you will get an average of Rs 300 work orders form 10 people = 10 x 300 = 3000

When you place 4 such orders per brochure = 3000 X 4, your total sales will be Rs 12,000 and you will get 30% on your orders = approx. Rs 4,000 in cash earnings!!!

Tip 2: Do the following on time, always: Collect your orders on your order day, make the payment on delivery, attach the receipt to your next order or drop it in the box.

People who want to earn more than this, take the leadership opportunity after a few weeks of experience. Experienced representatives are better able to educate and support their team because they know how the system works.  

Once you are registered you can order your products on phone 18001022866 by telling them your id number. For queries related to your order, account information, can call the Avon help line: 18001022866 or [STD Code] 60002655

Wish you all the best and welcome to Rapid Success Team, the fastest growing team in Avon!!!

If you have any questions please send me a mail on  or call me on 9004580740

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Advanced Unit Leader

Founder - Rapid Success Team

10 Responses to “How to earn more in Avon”

  1. aarti Says:

    i want to built avon i f possible introduce me with some one in aurangabad maharashtra.

  2. poonam Says:


    please mail me the all the detail regariding AVON .so that i can check n want to join


  3. ashwani Says:

    i want to be in avon business and to know more about it.

  4. varsha Says:

    hi my name varsha, i am already working with avon as a sales leader, i want to grow further and on net i want to do my business.

  5. anjna garg Says:

    hi anjani
    I wanna now about avon sevices since i want to be its member. Pls send me full details or help me to meet any represetative in patiala,punjab.


  6. sonia Says:

    i want to be an avon representative in india.before joing i want to know in detail the commission chart frm avon if i sell avon products

  7. sonia Says:

    give the ans by mailing me

  8. Nenghoiching Says:

    hello, i would like to know the details about earning through our downlines.

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