Avon offers you 2 opportunities

To start with Avon, become A Representative. There is no joining fee. You can place orders every week and earn cash every week!!! The more brochures you circulate, the more you earn!!!


  • Zero investment
  • Earn by taking orders from friend circle
  • Get gifts of sales achievement
  • Achieve ‘Presdents Club’& be recognized
  • Documents required: 2 photos, address proof + photo id proof

After some experience as a Representative, you can become a Leader. As a Leader you have to guide your representatives on how to place orders, how to circulate more brochures to get more orders, etc.

As a leader your earnings increase as the number of representatives in your team increases!!! Leader Registration fee is Rs 200 approx.


  • Earn by orders as well as recruiting
  • Get gifts as well as bonus on recruiting
  • Achieve ‘Jewels of India’
  • Rewards include Foreigh Trips!!!
  • Documents required: 2 photos + PAN card copy

For the Joining Kit just mail me your name, address and contact nos on anjaniavon@rediffmail.com or sms it on 9004580740

11 Responses to “Avon offers you 2 opportunities”

  1. sarika tayal Says:

    wana become a leader kidly send kit.

  2. sujatha Says:

    I would like to know the percentage of earning., then in the kit what will be there? only application form or some sample products? What is the benifit if i recruit others in Avon? Is there any representatives in Tamilnadu, near Erode, Salem?

    • avonindia Says:

      Regarding % I will send you details by email. In the kits there are written materials not products. You earn a commission of sales done by your team if you recruit others. For joining procedure in TN please mail me your full name and address with pincode on anjaniavon@rediffmail.com

  3. sujatha Says:

    Whether I have to pay for the kit?

  4. varalika Says:

    pls send me the kit n also pls advice me of MLM business procedure in avon plus the discounts an agent gets on the products….

  5. Punam Sonavane Says:

    Hi Anjali Madam,
    It’s my pleasure to know about you through this website.
    I was a working women earlier and currently full time mother of 2 year old. I would like to be a avon rep. Or leader. Would you pls send me contact details of concern person in my area. i.e. Seawood, Navi Mumbai.
    Thank you & happy selling

  6. lareb Says:

    if i’ll fill the form then i have to pay something for membership

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