New incentive program!!! C3-C6


Hi everyone!!

There is an exciting incentive plan for leaders!!

For each recruitment you get 10 points

6th recruitment onwards you get 20 points!!

Campaign 3-6 whatever is your total points, based on that you get gifts!!!

Get a scooty for 900 points!!!

Laptop for some 1000+ points!!!

Many other gifts from 100 points to 1000 points [including LCD TV]

If you are a representative you can become a Leader and join this incentive program!!!

If you have any questions, please call me or send me a mail


6 Responses to “New incentive program!!! C3-C6”

  1. madhu Says:

    hi i joined avon last month. but my team leader didn’t give me any kit about avon. from where i get it? can i place order online?

    • avonindia Says:

      Hi Madhu, your leader may me new… but no worries… as you can get all important information on my blog. Regarding online ordering… its not yet possible but you can send orders on email if you are already registered. See the purchase order form for the latest details on this…
      First order has to be sent along with your application form. No email ordering for unregistered individuals and first timers.


    How can I order online, in which format. Can I place order in MS Excel?

  3. Cordelia Tuolor Says:

    kindly update me the incentive program every month.

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