Leader’s Average monthly Earning

Leader’s Average monthly Earning Depends on your level and how you can get the same results!!!  

Unit Leader Additional Rs.2-3000*  

Build your business by Prospecting for new Representatives, Appointing and Training them in person and on phone. 


Build your team by talking to people about Avon’s Representative opportunity. 


Advanced Unit Leader Rs.10-15,000*  

Establish a winning team by to encouraging top performers!!! 


Transform your interested prospects into motivated Representatives 


Executive Unit Leader Rs.20-25,000*  

Use the Prospecting formula to encourage others to become Avon Representatives. 


Senior Executive Unit Leader Rs.60-70,000*  

Teach your team members how to sell 


Your earnings potential increases as your network grows.  

Every day talk to new people, and ask them for referrals who might be interested in a brighter tomorrow. 


*Average earnings per campaign from 2007. Your earnings and results may vary up or down. 


Call me to learn more about Prospecting, Appointing and Training!  

Prospecting is the Key to my early 


success in Sales Leadership. – Anjani  

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