Avon Leadership Opportunity

Welcome to the Avon Leadership Opportunity 

Avon is the world’s number 1 direct selling company and a
global beauty icon. For over 120 years Avon has been
empowering women by offering financial and professional
opportunities. Our commitment to make tomorrow a better day
for women around the globe reflects in the success of more
than 5 million Independent Sales Representatives in more than
100 countries. 

You are an Avon Leader…a leader of a better tomorrow. You are part of this great company and its heritage. You have selected a business with unlimited earnings opportunity that will grow and fulfill all your personal ambitions and dreams. 

Which of these statements apply to you?  

I want to dramatically increase my earnings. 

I want to help others. 

I want to be rewarded for my dedication and ambition. 

If you answer “yes” to any of these three statements, you are ready to become a Sales Leader! 



2 Responses to “Avon Leadership Opportunity”

  1. nidhi dutta Says:


    I am a repressentative in bangalore 4003 and want to be a part of leadership progg.

    • avonindia Says:

      Hi Nidhi,
      To become a leader in Avon, you will need to fill the Leader Application form, pay the fees at the center and submit the payment reciept, copy of your PAN card and the Application form along with your order at the center.
      Hope this answers your question

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