My Avon Story

My name is Anjani. I am a school teacher as well as an Avon Sales Leader. I have known Avon and used Avon products for over 5 years now. I joined Avon as a Representative because I love colors and Avon is full of colors!!!Now, I am a Sales Leader with Avon, because I also love bringing color to the lives of people around me!!!

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10 Responses to “My Avon Story”

  1. Gaynor Says:

    dear anjani,
    I am interested to receive Avon, but cannot get it in my city of Hyderabad. Is there any way you can help? Perhaps sending a brochure or directing me to a web page or whatever.
    I would ultimately like to be a rep if the chance came but I want to see how the system works here.
    Thanks in anticipation for a positive response.
    Mrs G. Saripalli

  2. Ashwini Says:

    Pls provide me with details of joining procedure.

    I am from kalyan( Mumbai)

  3. purnima Says:

    hi want to take membership of avon so kindly tell me the formalities

    • avonindia Says:

      Hi Purnima,

      The formality is you need the joining kit and you have to fill the form. There is no joining fee.
      I will ask 1 of my team mates to contact you depending on your location.

      Just mail me your contact details and your location /city on
      or sms me on 9004580740

  4. avonindia Says:

    Hi Dev,

    Avon is a generation plan. I am from Mumbai. Which city do you belong?

    Please see my other posts [e.g.] –

    or call us on 9004580740



  5. naina Says:

    plz provide me the procedure to join avon in baroda..
    is it available here or not

  6. Jacquelyn Says:

    I love the history about Avon and how it was a way for women to be financially independent. And your story is great, but I also love how your story is the story of millions of women.

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