Welcome to Avon’s Rapid Success Team

February 7, 2010


Hi, My name is Anjani. I have created this blog to help Avon’ers all over India to get greater success in Avon!!!

If you want to join Avon, click here for Joining procedure – http://wp.me/PA732-1c

I welcome you to join my growing team.

If you are already part of the Avon family read and benefit from various artiles on your right side on this blog and join my yahoo group to grow further!!

Many new representatives may not be aware of everything, so they can find information you need from my blog. If I can be instrumental in your success, I will be most happy.

Tell me what you would like to know more about on my blog. Ask me questions… Give me your comments… sugestions, etc.

Write to me on anjaniavon@rediffmail.com

How to place orders in Avon

February 7, 2010


Every week you can place a order with Avon. Your first order will go along with your application form and supporting documents. Subsequent orders can be placed on phone or by emai.

To learn more click here: http://wp.me/PA732-11

The Avon Opportunity

February 7, 2010

 Avon offer an opportunity to women and men to start your own business at zero investment.

People from all walks of life can take this opportunity. Education, Age, Religion, Experience, etc. is not important.

I welcome anyone who has an open mind and willingness to learn to join my group.


To know about the 2 opportunities in Avon – click here http://wp.me/PA732-17


My Avon Story

July 16, 2009

My name is Anjani. I am a school teacher as well as an Avon Sales Leader. I have known Avon and used Avon products for over 5 years now. I joined Avon as a Representative because I love colors and Avon is full of colors!!!Now, I am a Sales Leader with Avon, because I also love bringing color to the lives of people around me!!!

Read Full story here- http://wp.me/PA732-14

Your feedback and comments about this blog is wecome, send me a mail on anjaniavon@rediffmail.com

Hello, Welcome to the world of Avon!

July 16, 2009


My name is Anjani. I have worked in Avon for 5 years now. I felt a need of developing a support and training structure for new Avon’ers. Thats the reasin I created the ‘Rapid Success Team’. I work as a teacher in a school in India and in my free time I am doing the Avon biz!

If you are someone who want to buy Avon products or if you want to join Avon, your work just got easy because when you get in touch with me, depending on your location I will ask one of my leaders who is nearest to your location to call you and help you in getting started with Avon.

They will give you the joining kit, basic information and will support you in your first few weeks with avon and beyond!!

For regular updates join Avon India yahoo group…!!!
click here:- http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/avonindia
[if you dont have a yahoo account, just click on ‘join the mailing list’ link]

If you need any other help or information, just mail me –anjaniavon@rediffmail.com

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1. the 2 opportunities – http://wp.me/pA732-6
2. Joining procedure – http://wp.me/pA732-e
3. how to place order – http://wp.me/pA732-b
4. how to earn more – http://wp.me/pA732-h

Anjani Bangera

Team Leader – Rapid Success Team
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